Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

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6 November 2020
After spending the summer and early autumn photographing closeups of weeds (one of which reportedly contributed to the death of Abraham Lincoln's mother in 1818), and finding a Giant Puffball in our backyard that grew to 14" in diamenter; I now shift gears and continue to walk the nearby trails, keeping an eye peeled for the many interesting things that the colder weather promises to bring.

7 & 9 December 2020
With cooler weather, and some much needed rains, we now have a combination of some ice, snow and fresh bubbling waters flowing at the Galway Nature Preserve.
Photo 1 - A Time for Meditation

10 December 2020
Oh, look at what we saw at the Galway Nature Preserve today!
Photo 1 - Fascinating Work of Nature!

23 December 2020
More of a work-out at the Galway Nature Preserve today - but exciting results!

Photo 1 - A Glimpse of Time
Photo 2 - Bridge after snow storn
Photo 3 - Co-existance of water
Photo 4 - Frozen thoughts
Photo 5 - Nature's Brush

used the pictured cleats for all winter walking

27 December 2020
Rough icy walking today at the Galway Nature Preserve. However, once again, some interesting pictures appeared in the rushing cold waters!

Photo 1 - Flying Saucers

3 January 2021
Stopped at the Schoharie Crossing today. 32 degrees but felt much colder with breeze off the flowing waters. Water was low enough to enable us to walk about midway across on the the ice and snow. So interesting to see the raised islets because of the lower water flow. Check out the following shots taken in the shivering cold!

Photo 1 -
Photo 2 - Schoharie Aqueduct
Photo 3 - Frozen Lot

5 January 2021
Beautiful day for walking, gray skies with nice fresh winter air. We didn't see the beavers at the Galway Preserve today, but did get a couple shots testifying that they are there!

Photo 1 - Beaver Activity
Photo 2 - Beaver Activity

10 January 2021
A wonderful cold morning at the Schoharie Creek. Spent over an hour walking along the edge of the Schoharie up to where it empties into the Mohawk River. See one expression of tranquility.

Photo 1 - Tranqulity most fine

22 January 2021
Another gray day with glimpses of sun, some snow flurries and a bit of sleet. Saw a new exit cut up through the ice by beavers who came up out of, crossed our hiking trail and went up the slope to cut more saplings. We didn't catch them in the act, but did see their muddy footprints

Photo 1 - Sign of beavers

23 January 2021
Ah, it was a bright and beautiful sunny day today - BUT, oh, so cold along the Schoharie Creek at Schoharie Crossing. 17º with strong gusts of wind. But this is what we look for, knowing that nature paints her best under extreme conditions.

Photo 1 - Low water flow on the Schoharie Creek
Photo 2 - Low water on Schoharie Creek
Photo 3 - Wind Swept Snow on Schoharie Creek

31 January 2021
6º below zero this morning. Check back later to see if we've been brave enough to go meet the elements. --Later: Went for our walk at a much warmer 12º. Found that an angel had fallen, or was it a child enjoying the snow at the Beaver pond today?

Photo 1 - Snow Angel at Galway

16 February 2021
Awoke to no power after a middle of the night sleet storm. Was scheduled for a 9 o'clock appointment in Saratoga this morning and by the time the generator was powered up, the main power had come back. We found roads not too bad so off we went. On way home, we pulled into the Woods Hollow parking lot, saw tracks for one person which we followed until getting lost. We retraced our tracks and eventually were back on the trail. A refreshing time amidst the beautiful ice covered branches along the way.

Photo 1 - Bowing to the Elements
Photo 2 - Bending over the Trail
Photo 3 - Icy Trees

20 February 2021
We decided to drive down to Schoharie County this morning. Being that 'one' of us wasn't shod appropriately, it put a limit upon how much hiking could be done. However, we stopped at Minekill Falls and carefully hiked down to the Overlook. Then on the way back home, I shot the stark view of Vroman's Nose from the side of Rt. 30. A beautiful day overall, complete clouds to some sunshine and the usual icy going.

Photo 1 - Icicles at Minekill
Photo 2 - Vromans Nose

23 February 2021
My motto is 'never give up'. So, three days after going into Minekill Falls completely unprepared for hiking to the bottom, we struck out again today. Wow! am I ever so glad we did (however, we did not do the entire hike to NYC).

Photo 1 - Minekill Geology
Photo 2 - Toward Long Path
Photo 3 - Welcome to Minekill Falls
Photo 4 - Falls
Photo 5 - Lower part of Falls
Photo 6 - Heavenly Sight of Falls
Photo 7 - No Swimming!
Photo 8 - Bench

25 February 2021
Today, we took a quick jaunt over to the Schoharie Crossing Site at Rt. 5S in Montgomery County. Walked a bit on the Canalway Trail while viewing the melting of the ice on the Schoharie and seeing the animal tracks crossing this way and that. Shot the bridge in the mid-afternoon sun and a couple views up and down the flowing waters.

Photo 1 - 5S Bridge
Photo 2 - Schoharie Creek under Bridge

28 February 2021
Watch your step today on the bridge at the Galway Nature Preserve. Conditions are changing with the oncoming Spring!

Photo 1 - Shrinking snow of bridge at Galway

1 March 2021
Meteorological Spring has begun! Ice starting to melt in the Beaver Pond at the Galway Nature Preserve and the trails are changing their dress from winter white to a pattern of tiny dried leaf stems.

Photo 1 - Melting Pond Waters
Photo 2 - Remnants of Winter

9 March 2021
It has been a wonderful winter for hiking the trails at the Galway Nature Preserve. The snow we received in December and thereafter, stayed on the ground, packing down with each hiker and dog that passed through. Now, the snow is receding and the brooks are opening up, presenting delightful color contrasts as they transition into spring.

Photo 1 - Transitioning into Spring
Photo 2 - Beaver Tracks

11 March 2021
Our first really warm day with sunshine. It had been 59º today, but the sun disappeared by the time we reached the Galway Nature Preserve this afternoon with the temperature around 10ºs lower. The brook, with snowmelt, was running rapidly into the beaver pond. The trail has been littered with gnawed saplings and small branches of trees. We are amazed at how busy these beavers have been this Spring.

Photo 1 - Snowmelt . . .

13 March 2021
The thermometer read 34º this morning, so we took a quick trip over to the Schoharie Crossing. Oh, the wind was blasting, almost blowing us off our feet. We saw some geese landing on the creek and we saw their tracks up and down the shoreline. I took advantage of the water being low and quickly shot a couple closeups of the old Aquaduct. Would like to have done more, but brrrrrrrrrrrr!

Photo 1 Icicles on Aqueduct . . . Photo 2

20 March 2021
First day of Astronomical Spring. Saw this lone gull hunting on a island spit in the Schoharie Creek at Fort Hunter.

Photo 1 - Gull

21 March 2021
Schoharie Reservoir area bridge . . . Still waters run deep at Gilboa, & Spring work in the Schoharie Valley.

Photo 1 - Resevoir Area Bridge
Photo 2 - Gilboa Dam
Photo 3 - Schoharie Field

22 March 2021
Looking out the kitchen window this morning, my husband saw this unusually colored robin along with a normal one. I rushed to get my camera and shot through the window. We did see some of these Partial Albino (leucistic) Robins last year, but this is the first time I was able to get my camera in time to capture one before it flew away.

Photo 1 - Leucistic Robin

30 March 2021
Hurray, a sunny day, mid 50s! Took advantage, and drove over to Fort Hunter again. It was beautiful walking along the shore of the Schoharie and Mohawk. Light breeze and gentle sun. Heard these Killdeer long before our eyes could capture them.

Photo 1 - Kildeer
Photo 2 - Kildeer
Photo 3 - Sands of Time
Photo 4 - Meeting the Mohawk

18 April 2021
Our very friendly Partial Albino (leucistic) Robin

Photo 1 - Leucistic Robin

27 April 2021
Our Partial Albino (leucistic) Robin along with regular American Robin
Photo 1 - Leucistic Robin
Photo 2 - American Robin

6 May 2021
We espied this beautiful Canada Goose in the waters right next to the trail at Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve in the Town of Clifton Park, Saratoga County, NY. (when viewing photo, as usual, click for larger view)

Photo 1 - Canada Goose

10, 11 May 2021
Until our apple tree trimmings get cleared off the lawn, they provide our birds with a nice place to perch, and for me a shooting opportunity. Our maple trees are another great place for them to enjoy.

Photo 1 - Catbird
Photo 2 - Leucistic Robin

20 May 2021
Taking in the beauty of Schoharie Crossing again today. The Schoharie Creek is running full, bumping against the grassy banks. Hard to believe that a short time ago, we were walking all over the creek bed. Sunshine and blue skies with pleasant temperature. A great place to relax and enjoy the quiet times.

Photo 1 - Heavenly Connections

21 May 2021
We walked part of the Bog Meadow Trail for the first time today. The Meadowbrook Preserve Lands are just east of Saratoga Springs and is an excellent spot for bird watching and wild flowers. Photo of the female Red Wing Blackbird was shot in one of the bog areas, as well as the Catbird and the Green Heron at top of a tree on our way off the trail.

Photo 1 - Female Red-winged Blackbird
Photo 2 - Catbird
Photo 3 - Green Heron

22 May 2021
Today, we walked again on the Bog Meadow Trail and saw this Blue Heron next to the reeds across the way. Also, was surprised to find a Partial Albino (leucistic) Robin at this place similar to the ones we have in our own backyard.

Photo 1 - Blue Heron
Photo 2 - Robin

26 May 2021
With a small green worm in her mouth, robin is ready to fly back to nest.

Photo 1

29 May 2021
Before the rains resumed this morning, I caught this Flicker probing for insects in the old stump near our house, seeming to say "are you spying on me?". Next shot she said, ok, I'll pose nicely.

Photo 1 - Flicker
Photo 2 - Flicker

6 June 2021
We have gone to the Bog Meadow Preserve several times looking for the Glossy Ibis. Unfortunately, we have not been lucky enough to have seen it. However, I did capture a Mourning Dove strolling along the trail in front of us, and another picture of the Blue Heron that actually looked like a stump until viewed through the lens. My first shot of the Blue Heron was on May 22nd

Photo 1 - Blue Heron
Photo 2 - Mourning Dove

10 June 2021
After three days of unbearable heat and humidity, we woke to a crisp invigorating air this morning. Hurried through pre-breakfast chores and after eating, hit the road for Peebles Island at Cohoes. It was incredibly beautiful walking the trail overlooking the Mohawk river. The waters of the Mohawk were extremely low today and below us, the striking composition of bedrock and water drew my attention. After viewing the photo on computer back at the house, I was much surprised to see turtles, each one, with a smaller one beside them on the bedrock. After studying what kind they might be, I'm leaning towards the Common Map turtle. They have serrated edge back end of shell and one is much smaller. Females sometimes grow quite large, up to around 12 inches while the males normally reach only about half that size, up to about 6 inches.

Photo 1 - Turtles

11 June 2021
Another gorgeous day for taking the camera off the shelf. We drove to Schoharie County where news was that a Snowy Owl had taken up residence since March of this year. Thanks to a very welcoming family on whose property this owl has chosen for his home, we were able to locate and photograph it as it was consuming it's prey.

Photo 1 - Snowy Owl includes 2 additional views

26 June 2021
After experiencing several days of cool weather, some very hot and humid days are now upon us. Have only left the air conditioning once for a quick tour of our backyard. Our leucistic robin is nesting again and is very busy flying around the yard hunting worms to feed her latest brood. One picture shown is a probable hatchling from her last setting. Photo 3 below, she is looking right at us!

Photos (3) - Robins Photo 2 - Rabbits Photo 3 - Robin

5 July 2021
Since it rained the 3rd and 4th of July, today's weather was very welcome, not too hot and not too cold! A visit to Peebles Island was in order, so off we went. Just love the tenacity of this old tree clinging to life above the Mohawk river as shown in Photo 1. The second photo, I believe, is an immature Iceland Gull. Third photo is either a Black Duck or a Mallard hybrid.

Photo 1 - Old Tree at Peebles Islalnd Photo 2 - Iceland Gull
Photo 3 - Duck

12 July 2021
It rained all through the night last night and through this morning. By the time we had lunch, it was really too late to strike out for hiking and taking pictures. However, our own backyard served just as well. This immature cardinal cooperated by flying across my path and posing in the shrub beyond the lawns edge.

Photo 1 - Cardinal

13 July 2021
It was still very gray today, but at least the rain had taken a bit of a break. We drove to the Crescent Power Plant where we had learned of an Osprey's nest. While shooting a few photos (see very low resolution photo 3 below), we met a lady and in conversation, she kindly refered us to a spot where we might see an eagle. In fact, we followed her out to a place in Cohoes and upon parking, sure enough, there was an eagle bravely trying to dry himself from the early morning's drenching rain. Got my first shots ever of an eagle! From there, we drove to Peebles Island where we witnessed the cutest contact between a mother deer and her fawn.

Photo 1 - Eagle (includes links to 2 more shots) Photo 2 - Deer
Photo 3 - Osprey

20 July 2021
Being a beautiful morning after so much rain, we drove down to the Ballston Lake Fishing Pier. There were several fishermen there along with some children who were having a great time as fish nibbled on their lines. Along the walkway to the dock, we were delighted see two painted turtles of which I immediately began photographing.

Photo 1 - Turtle (includes link to 2nd photo)

21 July 2021
We had not been back to Mine Kill Falls since hiking down this past winter and capturing the frozen face of the vernal falls. Today, was quite different since we have had rain on top of rain. Instead of the white of winter, we were greeted today with the rushing chocolate brown waters.

Photo 1 - Chocolate Brown Waters at Minekill (includes links to 4 other photos)

24 July 2021
It was a plesant morning, just perfect for a walk on the Bog Meadow Brook trail off of Rt. 29 out of Saratoga Springs. While relaxing at one of the viewing areas, a Cedar Waxwing landed in a dead tree ahead of us. He seemed quite tame as he flew back over our heads and back again to his perching area.

Photo 1 - Cedar Waxwing (includes link to 1 other photo)

4 August 2021
After a week and a half of property maintance at home, we finally took a break and hit the trail again. Today we stopped to view the Cohoes Water Falls from the four-acre Falls View Park which is located adjacent to Brookfield’s School Street Hydroelectric Plant on North Mohawk Street in Cohoes, New York. This area includes a 192-foot pedestrian bridge and an eighty-six step stairway down for closer views of the Falls. While there, in additon to the Falls, I caught a tiny little bird on the barbed wire fence. At Vischer's Ferry on the way home, we found some Yellow Loosestrife and after that, at the Ballston Lake Fishing Pier I took a picture of one of the Water Lilies while it was still quite beautiful.

Photo 1 - Cohoes Falls (includes links to 4 other Falls related photos)

Photo 2 - tiny bird
Photo 3 - Yellow Loosestrife
Photo 4 - Water Lily

15 August 2021
In driving around Delaware County where my ancestors settled ca. 1800, I caught a quick glimpse of an egret in the mud flats below. By the time we parked the car, hopped out and crossed the busy road, the egret had flown away. However, peering down at the flats below us, I did discover this beautiful scene of nature.

Photo 1 - Mud Flat

19 August 2021
Lots of rain again ... all night and a good part of today. While sitting at the computer catching up on various things, I heard a few birds behind me in the yard. So, I grabbed my camera and shot through the window while this thrush-like bird hopped around searching for insects. This bird has spots on its breast and a plain tan-gray back, so I'm not sure what sort of a thrush it is or if it even might be a Veery.
Note of the 20th: A friend kindly wrote to me that it looked like a Juvenal Bluebird. This immediately made sense, because after this bird flew away another landed which was definately a young bluebird. See 2nd photo.

Photo 1 - Juvinile Bluebird (includes link to 2nd photo)

29 August 2021
Today, we stopped at the Galway Nature Preserve in time to see this beautiful Great Blue Heron taking off for further up the pond. I quickly got three shots, and afterwards was annoyed that I had forgotten to extend my lens out for a closeup. We were on our way out to see if we could site the Sandhill Crane and the White Pelican, rarities for our area. The Crane, common in the prairies, the White Pelican common on the West Coast, have both been seen several times in Saratoga and Montgomery Counties recently.

Photo 1 - Blue Heron (includes 2 other photos)

4 September 2021
We were at Cohoes Flats today waiting to see if the Bald Eagle would fly down from his perch to pull a fish out of the river. We waited in vain, because he didn't budge. While waiting, a Belted Kingfisher did fly from a bush up onto a nearby wire (includes link to 2nd photo). She didn't stay put but an instant in either place. Second photo is of the Great Blue Heron who stood on a large piece of driftwood.

Photo 1 - Kingfisher
Photo 2 - Great Blue Heron

6 September 2021
Once again at the Galway Nature Preserve we caught sight of a bird from the roadside, standing on a partially submerged tree branch in the pond. After shooting this first photo, we pulled into the parking area and walked through the brush to where we thought we might get a closer look. This Green Heron had flown to a different spot with the sun being blindingly white on the water leaving the Heron in the shadows. Because of the distance, this extreme crop on second photo was necessary in order to get a good look at him/her.

Photo 1 - Green Heron (includes links to 2 more views)

10 September 2021
A quick drive by the Galway Nature Preserve this morning resulted in seeing five turtles clustered together on a rotting log. With a friends help, they were identified as three Eastern and two Midland turtles. They frequently sun themselves further up on the huge rocks crossing the pond from where these were seen today. Averaging in length between 5 to 7 inches, they love to bask in the warm sun. These turtles are among the state's most common turtle species.

Photo 1 - Painted Turtles

17, 18 September 2021
On our way to do a bit of grocery shopping today, we stopped by the Galway Nature Preserve for a short walk. Caught sight of a Great Blue Heron across the pond steadily walking towards the north end. Was surprised how quickly he kept going. Then on the following day, we drove by Cummings Pond and saw a bird that I realized wasn't a duck. Since parking along the road at that point is kind of dangerous (cars don't seem to slow down) I hand-held camera because I didn't want to take time to set up the tri-pod. This bird turned out to be a Cormorant. He submerged several times and emerged many feet beyond. He too, was walking-swimming quite quickly.

Photo 1 - Blue Heron
Photo 2 - Blue Heron
Photo 1 - Cormorant
Photo 2 - Cormorant

19 September 2021
Today we visited a couple new places for us. One being the Mohawk Landing Preserve in the Town of Clifton Park and the other, the Vischer Ferry Dam (Lock 7 Falls and Dam), a New York State Power Authority Project. Due to the great distance at which these photos were shot, a Great Egret at one place and a Common Merganser at the other, they are extreme crops. From the Dam area, you can hike/bike the trail all the way to the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve, a distance of three and a half miles.

Photo 1 - Egret
Photo 2 - Merganser

21 September 2021
Blue sky and sunshine - what a gorgeous day for walking the bird trail at Vischers Ferry. The arrival of this blue jay was the perfect personification of it as we were finishing up our sandwiches at the overlook. I just love the way he looks over his shoulder seeming to say, how long do I need to sit here for you to get a picture?

Photo 1 - Blue Jay

26 September 2021
A beautiful day after several rainy ones. Since autumn has arrived, most of our yard birds have vanished, so we drove over to the old Yankee Lock #28 at Fort Hunter to soak up some welcome sunshine and see what might be in the air over there. A lone Phoebe was zipping around from grill to picnic table and back, but found not a crumb. However he did stay put long enough for me to capture a couple pictures. Getting out of our car back home, I saw this white mushroom (under pine tree). Am not sure exactly what is is called. Any help in identfying it would be welcome.

Photo 1 - Phoebe(includes links to 2 more photos)
Photo 2 - Mushroom

28 September 2021
This afternoon we went down to the Vischer Ferry Dam area and walked along the trail for a mile or so. Just love these yellow wildflowers against the softness of the background weeds. A narrow strip of the Mohawk is seen through the brush at top of photo.

Photo 1 - Yellow wildflower

29 September 2021
Our daughter was visiting for a couple days, so this day, we decided to walk the two mile loop at Peebles Island. No speed-walking, just a nice leisurely time, stopping all along the way to enjoy the river and wildlife. Along with the Ring-billed gull, we saw Cormorants sitting on the dam, many ducks and a couple Great Blue Herons. Also, one deer who barked at me as I was taking his picture. Too blurry to be posted here.

Photo 1 - Ring-billed Gull

10 October 2021
This day ... what a treasure! Walked again along the Vischer Ferry Dam trail. So many people out enjoying their individual interests - fishing, running, casual walkers, birders, and hobby photographers like me. After walking a couple of miles on this footpath, we drove into Cohoes, stopping at Cohoes Flats to eat our sandwiches while watching a Bald Eagle sit on the power tower before silently flying away. Later, at Peebles Island, we took the Bird trail to the river and discovered many Ring-billed Gulls sitting with one lonely Cormorant. This is where I captured the photos for today.

Photo 1 - Cormorant and Ring-billed Gull(includes links to 1 more photo)
Photo 2 - Ring-billed Gull

14 October 2021
We were very fortunate today in that we stopped at Cohoes Flats after our walk at Peebles Island. As we drove in, we could see to our left two eagles standing atop the power tower. We passed them and drove beyond to the parking area and upon getting out of the car we saw a Great Blue Heron wading in the water and to our surprise, quite near him was a Great Egret. Since they were both so intent on their fishing, they showed no alarm at the sight of us, and continued to fish as I grabbed my camera and shot away.

Photo 1 - Snowy Egret
Photo 2 - Egret with Fish
Photo 3 - Egret and Blue Heron
Photo 4 - Heron with Fish
Photo 5 - Glue Heron and Egret
Photo 6 - Eagles

21 October 2021
After passing this scene for several days, this morning we drove to Rt. 67 in the town of Charlton, and braving the morning traffic, I shot from the ditch the following pictures.

Photo 1 - Autum Cornfield in Charlton
Photo 2 - Tower above Cornfield

23 October 2021
On this beautiful autumn day, we visited Vischer Ferry Preserve once again. While not seeing any wildlife, we did enjoy reading some of the history of the Preserve. We have crossed the Whipple Iron Truss Bridge many a time this past summer and now took a moment to look closely at it. It was built under the direction of Squire Whipple in 1869 over the Erie Canal at Sprakers, and was moved in 1919 to cross the Cayadutta Creek at Fonda. In 1996 it was moved once again, restored and located here at the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve. For the second photo, who can resist these brillant emerald heads of the Mallard duck?

Photo 1 - Whipple Bridge
Photo 2 - Mallards

27 October 2021
Several days of heavy rain kept us inside for awhile. Then, today we decided to go see how the old Erie Canal at Vischer Ferry weathered the storm. The one trail towards Crescent Bridge was flooded over at the start, so we walked under the bridge towards the east. The algae on canal was basically gone and we saw several Canada Geese enjoying the clear waters. The trail was a bit mushy so we turned around and thought we would walk the bird trail towards the west. That was fine until we reached the flooded areas of that trail also. Shot several photos of the various signage plus a few record shots.

Photo 1 - Whipple Bridge
Photo 2 - Old Canal
Photo 3 - Flooded Trail
Photo 4 - Vischer Sign

31 October 2021
Rain through the night, rain this morning. May drive out after lunch to see if October has anything more to offer.

1 November 2021
A 52 degree day with lots of sun and a slight breeze. Took a quick jaunt over to the Galway Nature Preserve where a number of Canada Geese were lounging in the pond. Fall colors are mostly gone now with gold remaining as a standout for today's show.

Photo 1 - November Gold

17 November 2021
Along the old Erie Canal at Vischer Ferry, we thought at first what we saw was a white goose, then realized it was a domestic white duck keeping company with the Canada Geese. He certainly wasn't going to fly high with those short wings!
Photo 1 - Duck, Geese

21 November 2021
Wow, we have only been out on the trail three times so far this month of November. Life sometimes does get in the way of one's hobby! It was a very pleasant day at the Crossing with low quiet waters. A large flock of Ring-billed Gulls were stationed near the confluence of the Schoharie Creek and Mohawk River. It seemed odd that for this time of year they would be taking care of their young, but there they were, doing just that! Within the group, there were several Herring Gulls, slightly larger than the Ring-billed Gulls, and sporting a larger bill with a slight reddish spot at lower edge. At another section of the creek, because of the placid waters, a beautiful reflection was on display providing room for some relaxing thoughts.

Photo 1 - Gulls (includes links to 3 more photos)
Photo 2 - Train at Schoharie Crossing
Photo 3 - Still Water Reflection

25 November 2021
A 34 degree morning with a cold breeze found us at old Yankee Hill Lock 28 at Schoharie Crossing, Montgomery County. Saw the first entrapped methane bubbles for this season beneath a skim of ice. With its pudgy cheeks and cap on head, this one looked as if it had been drawn for the comic books.

Photo 1 - Ice Bubble

19 December 2021
An icy 26 degrees with sun breaking through. We had a very brisk walk at the Galway Nature Preserve meeting a fellow hiker with his two Black Labs. The ice was mainly coating the branches stretching towards the morning sun which was melting these diamonds of the sky.

Photo 1 - Breaking of the Morning Sun

26 December 2021
Had a nice walk at Vischer Ferry this 40 degree morning. However, it felt much colder with a strong breeze blowing through the trail. Didn't see any wildlife, so after the walk, we stopped off at Canal Road in Halfmoon. Saw a multitude of Canda Geese, many ducks and a sound that could have come from the Sandhill Cranes that are purported to be in the area. While shooting some reflection photos at the end of the road, a crane-like bird did fly overhead. Not sure what it was.

Photo 1 - Overcast Sun on the Waters
Photo 2 - Reflecting on Reflection

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