Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of August 2022 with links to photos.

2 August 2022
On this 86 degree afternoon with fairly high humidity, we took a walk at Glowegee Creek Trail South off of Ballston-Galway Road in Saratoga County, NY. For the most part the trees provided cooling shade. The photo of the Thimbleweed, as linked to in photo 1 below, provided a surprise when I opened it up at home. Such a tiny little spider became visible. Another surprise took place on the way out when a large deer appeared on the trail ahead and quickly jumped into the tall grass of the clearing.

Photo 1 - Thimbleweed

3 August 2022
We went over to the Galway Nature Preserve again this afternoon to look in on the Cardinal Flowers. In spite of the bone-dry brook and dry conditions elsewhere, they seem to be getting enough moisture in the shaded areas of the brush. We do miss the splashing brook that is usually flowing by. As we were leaving and passing by the pond area, a Great Blue Heron who had been fishing, took flight and headed south out of the Preserve. Perhaps the same one our neighbors saw landing in the marsh across from our Jockey Street homes.

Photo 1 - Cardinal Flower

4 August 2022
We left fairly early this morning for Schoharie Crossing in order to beat the heat. The water level was down somewhat, but still not enough to walk along the edge. Heading towards the old Aqueduct, I shot the two photos as linked to below. A beautiful Musk Mallow amidst the Curly dock and nearby, this Chicory seemed to shout out 'enjoy this lazy summer day'.

Photo 1 - Musk Mallow
Photo 2 - Chicory

6-8 August 2022
The heat wave continues. We sneak in a few hours early on for some walking and photography. Again, Schoharie Crossing provides a nice place to walk and a few birds and wild-flowers can still be found. One of my favorites, 'Chicory' presented us with a nice picture in the meadow, and the invasive species of Knapweed, although a pest, proved a nice subject for a picture. Birds were a Juvinile Phoebe and a Cedar Waxwing.

Photo 1 - Chicory
Photo 2 - Knapweed
Photo 3 - Young Bluebird
Photo 4 - Cedar Waxwing

10 August 2022
Things were very quiet at the Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail this morning. Temperature was cooler than yesterday with a slight breeze. We saw a Song Sparrow and heard a sound across the Bog that was almost animal-like. Not sure what kind of bird that may have been. I did take a picture on our way out of one of my favorite subjects - water!

Photo 1 - Spirited Waters

11 & 14 August 2022
Stayed at home and discovered this tiny wildflower at base of an old tree stump in our yard. It is a 1/2 inch wide Asiatic Dayflower whose flower blooms for only one day. Couldn't resist shooting another one two days later. There appears to be several plants in the pine needles at base of this stump.

Photo 1 - Asiatic Day Flower
Photo 2 - Asiatic Day Flower

17 & 18 August 2022
We visited Cohoes Flats on these two days. Were looking for the Sanderling which we were not successful in finding. However on the 17th, there was a lot of bird activity with this large Herring Gull flying about. In addition to the Gull, another large bird was flying of which I quickly grabbed a shot. Could this possibly be a leucistic bald eagle? (shown in photo 4 below). We returned on the 18th to look once again for the Sanderling, but again were disappointed. This time I shot the Cormorant and several pics of the Osprey. ... Note of 15 Sept 2022: photo 4 linked to below has been identified as a Greater Black-backed Gull.

Photo 1 - Herring Gull
Photo 2 - Herring Gull
Photo 3 - Herring Gull
Photo 4 . . . Photo 5 - Cormorant
Photo 6 - Osprey (includes links to 3 more)

20 August 2022
Walked around our yard this afternoon and saw this Dragonfly just as it landed on one of the Zinnia plants. Am fairly certain it is a Half-banded Toper.

Photo 1 - Dragonfly
Photo 2 - Dragonfly

21 August 2022
Another enjoyable day at Cohoes Flats! Photo 1 link features seven photos, a frivolous take at what appears at times to be a Belted Kingfisher mating ritual and at other times a possible tiff between rivals. Photo 2 was caught as the Osprey came in for a nice soft landing on the tower. After some discussion online amidst other birders, I am confident that my last shot here is of the Snowy Egret.

Photo 1 - Kingfisher
Photo 2 - Osprey
Photo 3 - Snow Egret

24 August 2022
I recorded bird sound from the house window which stated a Warbling Vireo. Believe the bird that I subsequently shot was this Vireo.

Photo 1 - Warbling Vireo

25 August 2022
We had planned to walk out on the Flats at Cohoes today, but on arrival discovered them flooded over. So we parked up closer to the dam and shot from there. Several Mergansers were having a great time splashing and diving in a nice flow of water. And, for the Herring Gulls and Turkey Vulture that arrived, there was a large fish carcass (possibly Carp) for them to squabble over. I also caught a rather disturbing incident - one Herring Gull attacking the eyes of another. The Osprey spent most of his time today sitting near top of the tower and flying out occasionally. All in all, a lot of activity going on!

Photo 1 - Merganser
Photo 2 - Merganser
Photo 3 - Herring Gulls
Photo 4 - Herring Gull attack
Photo 5 - Turkey Vulture
Photo 6 - Turkey Vulture
Photo 7 - Osprey

27 August 2022
Went back to Cohoes Flats today and found the waters very walkable, although caution should be taken in the slippery areas. Took a picture of the Great Blue Heron and then a Ring-billed Gull posed for three shots. It is great to have the opportunity to get closer to them in their natural habitat.

Photo 1
Photo 2 - Ring-billed Gull (links to 2 more)
Photo 3 - Low Water at the Flats