Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of January 2022 with links to photos.

1 January 2022
A very mild New Year's Day at the Galway Nature Preserve - 44°, thick fog and no breeze. Trail walking was very still except for four or five crows at the tops of the trees giving alarm to all little creatures below.

Photo 1 - Pond

10 January 2022
When looking out our window today, we were pleasantly surprised to see our very friendly Leucistic Robin that had spent the summer in our yard raising several nestlings. We had first laid eyes upon her in April of 2020 and she was still flying across our pathway to the driveway right up through the Fall. Now she has reappeared with several regular robins (perhaps her family).

Photo 1 - Robin
Photo 2 - Robin
Photo 3 - Robin

12 January 2022
Around 5° this morning. Shot a couple pics through the kitchen window of this Tufted-Titmouse, then left camera at home to go take our daily walk. We keep hoping for some sunshine to drive away this winter gray.

Photo 1 - Tufted Titmouse

15 January 2022
Brr... Minus 5° below zero this morning at the house. Sun is shining brightly, but I'm not rushing out to the trail. Check back later to see how this day has gone. Later- well, the day went. No photos to show for it.

17 January 2022
Much warmer today . . . in the 20s (certainly better than yesterdays 9 below zero!) The early birds this morning in our yard were several Cardinals and a sole Blue Jay. We had around five inches of snow over night and as I was shooting this morning thru the kitchen window, there was an additional flurry. Temperature is now rising and forecast is for rain followed by another deep freeze ... oooh.

Photo 1 - Blue Jay in Snow
Photo 2 - Female Cardinal
Photo 3 - Male Cardinal

19 January 2022
Nice walk at the Galway Nature Preserve this morning. 28° and a bit of a workout with some unpacked snow from the 17th on the trail. When back at the house, I shot the Blue Jay again who was in the tree near our kitchen window. This time he was looking right at me with those beautiful blue-gray eyes. What a nice illusion, since the Cornell Lab of Ornithology states that the pigment in their eyes and feathers is actually brown and we perceive it as blue because of a phenomenon called light scattering. What a neat trick!

Photo 1 - Blue Jay

20 January 2022
Back at the kitchen window today. I do believe that the first two photos linked to below show Goldfinches in their winter dress. The third photo is one of my favorite birds to photograph - the BlueJay! Don't be surprised, just take a look at him.

Photo 1 - Goldfinch
Photo 2 - Goldfinch
Photo 3 - Bluejay

21 January 2022
13° below zero this morning! In the first photo below, I caught this White-throated Sparrow in sort of a sit-down position seeming to say 'whoa!, is this cold or what?'. A little later, I got another shot of this Sparrow (still looking a little ruffled up from the cold). The Tufted-titmouse stayed put just long enough for me to take his picture. Then, a bird I've never seen in our yard before appeared - a Red-breasted Nuthatch!

Photo 1 - White Throated Sparrow
Photo 2 - White Throated Sparrow
Photo 3 - TitmouseWhite Throated Sparrow
Photo 4 - Red-breasted Nuthatch

22 January 2022
16° below zero this morning! Even so, many of our birds were out and about. Saw the Leucistic Robin warming herself in the crabapple tree. Then, I was surprised to spot a wren perched in the same tree. After looking it up in my field guide, I saw that it is a Carolina Wren, uncommonly found this far north. Fortunately I had camera in hand, and captured a fairly good shot.

Photo 1 - Carolina Wren

24 January 2022
Morning broke with pale pink and blue sky in the north-west, temperature still very cold, although warmer than yesterday. Was finally able to catch the Female Red-bellied Woodpecker on the side of the crabapple tree. Also, in this same tree was a bird that I believe is either the Tree or Field Sparrow. Mid-afternoon, we washed the window and I was lucky enough to get pictures of both the female and male Purple Finches. As I was putting my camera away, our most frequent visitor (Tufted-titmouse) flew in and I couldn't resist shooting two more pics. I do believe that the clean window has helped!

Photo 1 - Female Red-bellied Woodpecker
Photo 2 - Sparrow Photo 3 - Female House Finch
Photo 4 - Male House Finch
Photo 5 - Tufted Titmouse
Photo 6 - Tufted Titmouse

25 January 2022
What an interesting day this has been. Was staked out at the kitchen window once again enjoying the nice variety of birds flitting back and forth amonst the trees. Even though we have had a few robins in past winters, today was quite a surprise when a flock of at least fifty spent several hours feasting on the crabapples. By sunset, the tree had been mostly cleaned of them, with remants scattered on the ground. With the severe cold, I wonder where they will go from here for sustenance.

Photo 1 - Flock of Robins
Photo 2 - Robins on ground
Photo 3 - Robin at sunset
Photo 4 - Robin at sunset
Photo 5 - Hairyi Woodpecker

26 January 2022
5° above zero this morning. Birds didn't arrive until around 11. Then, the robins came and continued to eat the remains of the crabapples on the ground. A healthy looking pair of Starlings arrived along with many of the other regular visitors. Looking forward to what tomorrow might bring.

Photo 1 - Starlings

27 January 2022
12° below zero this morning. I was aiming to get pictures of both the Black-capped Chickadee and the Slate-colored Junco today, and as luck would have it, they were the first two to appear! Not only that, the chickadee actually took a second, and posed for me.

Photo 1 - Chickadee
Photo 2 - Dark-eyed Junco

29 January 2022
7° above zero this morning. By afternoon, it had reached 16°, the high for the day. Saw this Red-breasted Nuthatch as it alit on the feeder and immediately flew to the birch tree. They are quite tiny and do not stay still for much more than a couple seconds.

Photo 1 - Red-breasted Nuthatch

31 January 2022
So ends this month of January. 4° below zero at sunrise. And, the last photo for January is our beloved American Robin, still checking out the crabapples. In looking back over this month's photos, it looks like the birds have it! What a welcome sight they have been as we have sheltered in the warm indoors.

Photo 1 - Robin

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