Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of July 2022 with links to photos.

3 July 2022
Our Red-bellied Woodpecker on this Charlton summer day.

Photo 1 - Woodpecker

5 July 2022
Photo 1 below shows our Catbird - he flies to this branch every time he hears the front door open and serenades us with his varied chatter. Next photo of a Goldfinch was shot through an east window and shows her harvesting seeds from the drying grass blades. Last is a female Red-bellied woodpecker previously seen flying with a male. Rain off and on through the day, temperature running 65 degrees and humidity around 62. A great day over-all!

Photo 1 - Catbird
Photo 2 - Goldfinch
Photo 3 - Female Red-bellied Woodpecker

6 July 2022
At last, this Phoebe sat for a portrait! I had watched him whiz around our lawn for several days, and finally he stopped for a minute and sat still on a branch of this tree. The fact that I was sitting inside the house, shooting through the window was indeed helpful.

Photo 1 - Eastern Phoebe

9 July 2022
Again, I was in the right place at the right time when this House Wren landed on a dead section of one of our backyard trees. The wing and tail feathers were wren-like, and although it appeared quite a bit larger than a House Wren, I believe it is one.

Photo 1 - House Wren

10 July 2022
As yesterday, I was sitting outside in a yard chair when I heard this wren. Rushed around the house and found it singing on the back porch rail. It is a tiny bird, and I now believe it is the same one that I photographed on the 9th.

Photo 1- House Wren

12 July 2022
A day of alternate sun and rain. Shooting from the window again, our little chipping sparrow hopped towards me. It certainly appeared as if she were looking directly at me. Temperature as I write is 84 degrees with humidity of 65. Possible thunderstorms tonight.

Photo 1 - Chipping Sparrow

13 July 2022
One of our 'resident' woodchucks is pictured today. He seems to be enjoying those wild greens at edge of property. In photo 2, this catbird has been busy gathering worms.

Photo 1 - Woodchuck - includes link to 2nd photo
Photo 2 - Catbird

22 July 2022
Have not been out with camera for over a week. We are in the middle of a heat wave. 91º at 1:44 pm today, humidity 33%, UV Index very high at 9. So, will sit this heat wave out . . .

31 July 2022
Today we walked at the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve with a temperature around 80 degrees with low humidity. Believe it was a Virginia Rail that scurried off the trail before I was able to get a shot of it. After reaching home, we decided to go over to the Galway Nature Preserve. Conditions are very dry this year, brook was showing its complete bed of rocks with only a puddle of water here and there. Tucked off to the side, mixed in with the bushes, was this striking Cardinal Flower!

Photo 1 - Cardinal Flower