Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of June 2022 with links to photos.

7 June 2022
Hard to believe that an entire month has passed since I posted any photos. Well, sometimes, life gets in the way and more mundane things must be attended to. Anyway, this morning, a glance out the living room window, brought into view this Flicker actively searching for insects. When I opened the door for an outside shot, he immediately flew away. Fortunately, before that, I had taken one through the window.

Photo 1 - Yellow-shafted Flicker

10 June 2022
Relaxation time at the Galway Nature Preserve.
Photo 1 - Galway Colors

11 June 2022
What a vision sitting amidst the four feet tall weeds at edge of our lawn! a Swallowtail butterfly.

Photo 1 - Swallowtail butterfly

12 June 2022
Quite excited about my first shot of this rare visitor to New York State, a Mississippi Kite!

Photo 1 - Mississippi Kite

14 June 2022
Went back to Jonesville again today to try for an aerial shot of the Mississippi Kite. Was somewhat successful and also got a couple of him gathering a branch to use for nesting material. We then took a quick walk at the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve where a tiny speck of blue caught my eye as shown in photo 2.

Photo 1 - Mississippi Kite (includes links to other shots)
Photo 2 - Butterfly

16 June 2022
Rare to this part of New York State (South Glens Falls) is this Red-headed Woodpecker. Not too long after we arrived on the scene, this bird landed on top of a power pole. I saw it thanks to a helpful birder who pointed it out. It stayed put only long enough for me to snap this picture. We stayed around for a good half hour but did not catch sight of it again. Later on, at Bog Meadow Brook, there were scads of dragonflies on the boardwalk. On the way out, I was able to capture this Ebony Jewelwing doing a handstand in the shrubs.

Photo 1 - Red-headed Woodpecker
Photo 2 - Ebony Jewelwing

21 June 2022
As a side trip today while going to the grocery store, we drove on over to Schoharie Crossing. Temperature was around 62 degrees with gray sky and a few drops of rain. With a light jacket it was quite pleasant. The Killdeer, in photo 1 below, was in a side water along with another that flew in beside him. Perched nearby were three black birds that might have been ravens.

Photo 1 - Killdeer

30 June 2022
A relaxing day in a lawn chair with camera at my side. Across the way, in the rough part of the field, sitting on a dead branch with lighting and positioning just right, was this grackle with his iridescent shimmer creating an exquisite necklace. These birds are bullies around song birds and pests in farmers' fields, but it is difficult not to admire their beauty.
Photo 1 - Grackle