Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of September 2022 with links to photos.

1 September 2022
A lucky day at the Flats! With treking pole, barn boots and camera in hand along with my Sherpa husband carrying the tri-pod we made way across the pooled waters of the Flats. A fellow birder told us beforehand if we heard the water rising, we had 20 minutes to get back to shore. While out there, we saw the usual Ring-billed Gulls, a couple Killdeer, a Blue Heron and best of all, the Snowy Egret. Linked below is result of this shoot.

Photo 1 - Snowy Egret - includes 12 additional photos of the Egret
Photo 2 - jpbr

3 & 4 September 2022
Back to one of our favorite places these days, Cohoes Flats. Yesterday, after going over some flooded waters to get out on some rocky footing, we found a beautiful Greater Yellowlegs searching around for some tidbit of food. Today's trip down also resulted in a nice shot of the Juvenile Bald Eagle. In all the time we were there, we never saw him leave his perch.

Photo 1 - includes 2 additional photos of the Yellowlegs
Photo 2 - Juvenile Bald Eagle

8 September 2022
A cloudy morning with sun breaking this afternoon. A good day for taking a walk closer to home at the Galway Nature Preserve. Things were rather quiet with occasional chipping sounds as chipmunks raced up the trees. Quiet beauty was discovered as we dropped off the trail to the pond and took in the green of the grasses amid the chocolatey waters. On up the trail, our attention was summoned by specks of orange, the Jewelweed leaning down to pond reflections. A great day as autumn edges in.

Photo 1 - Pond Grasses
Photo 2 - Pond Reflections

10 September 2022
After walking out onto the Flats in rather unsafe conditions, we quickly (safely) made our way back to the path leading out and returned to the other parking lot at the Cohoes Flats Dam. Here I was able to get a couple shots of the Snowy Egret, even though he was a distance away.

Photo 1 - Snowy Egret - includes link to 2nd shot

14 September 2022
Thanks to friend Jane who checked with a couple experts on bird identification, this bird photographed August 17th has now been identified as a Greater Black-backed Gull (Aug 17 photo). And, yesterday at the Galway Nature Preserve, amidst the peace and quiet, a few waves created a slight disturbance.
Photo 1 - Slight Dieturbance