Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of April 2023 with links to photos.

1 April 2023
72ยบ- What a nice day for welcoming the arrival of April. Parking lot at Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve was filled to over-flowing with cars parked up and down the roadways. Children, dogs, and nature lovers of all ages walking the trails and soaking up the sunshine. I missed getting a picture of what we believe was a snapping turtle down the bank partially out of the mud. We estimated size of body alone, not counting the tail, around 18 inches. The turtle was too close for me to get a shot through the brushy area. Shown below in photos 1 and 2 are the ring-necked ducks shot at a distance across the marsh, as well as the bufflehead in photo 3. Last photo is of painted turtles sunning themselves on part of a downed tree in the old canal.
Photo 1 - Ring-necked Duck . . . Photo 2 - Ring-necked Ducks . . . Photo 3 - Bufflehead . . . Photo 4 - Painted Turtles

14 April 2023
Our first drive down to the Pine Bush Preserve in Albany County. Instead of catching sight of the Red Crossbills drinking in the puddle at the 7 Madison Avenue Pinelands entrance, we were treated to two little boys splashing around with sticks and having the best of times - what could be more delightful than that! My bird shots today were of the mourning dove and the robin, perched in a tree close by, leaving the redcross bills for another day.
Photo 1 - Madison Avenue Pinelands Sign
Photo 2 - Pine Bush Preserve
Photo 3- Mourning Dove
Photo 4 - American Robin

22 April 2023
Turtles galore, sunning themselves along the old Erie Canal at Vischer Ferry. One of our first warm Spring days.
Photo 1 - Turtles sunning themselves

24 April 2023
At home, it appears that the house finches have left and the purple finches have arrived.
Photo 1 - Purple Finch

25 April 2023
In my own backyard today, the white-throated sparrow and the hairy woodpecker.
Photo 1 - White-throated Sparrow
Photo 2 - Hairy Woodpecker

28 April 2023
While looking out the window over the kitchen sink, I saw a woodchuck standing up looking right at me with clover leaves dangling from his mouth. By the time I got my camera ready, he had meandered on. Later, I saw him again (as it turned out, it was not the same one). I quickly snapped a couple pics and it was not until I loaded them into the computer that I realized he had abnormally long teeth. Going to the internet, I learned that a woodchucks incisers never stop growing. They have many ways of keeping them filed down, however if they are mis-aligned, they are unable to take care of them and they become a serious health concern for the animal. This was certainly not a happy shot for me.
Photo 1 - Woodchuck with over-grown incisors
Photo 2 - Woodchuck with over-grown incisors