Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of August 2023 with links to photos.

1 August 2023
A very refreshing day - humidity gone - lots of sun with some clouds, white and gray. We first walked a bit at the Truax Trailhead of the Albany Pine Bush where I shot this yellow weed/wildflower believed to be the Tickseed Sunflower bidens aristosa. After having a bite to eat we drove over to the Madison Avenue Pinelands Trailhead#7 where I photographed this tiny white one, later identified by Jane as the hoary alyssum, and the Sumac.

Photo 1 - Truax Trailhead #12
Photo 2 - Cones on Pitch Pine
Photo 3 - Yellow Tickseed Sunflower
Photo 4 - Reaching high at the Pine Bush
Photo 5 - Sumac at Madison Ave entrance
Photo 6 - Tiny white weed at Madison Ave entrance

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2 August 2023
Native to North America and considered an invasive plant, the evening primrose opens in the evening and stays open all night. This one is growing with other weeds by our huge log pile out back and was photographed before sunrise breezes commenced.

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26 - 29 August 2023
We did not get out on the trails much through the month of August because of rain, humidity and tiny gnats! However, we did not want the month to disappear entirely without at least giving it a try. On the 26th we drove to the Fort Hunter area where I shot a photo of a drone camera that was flying over kyacks on the Mohawk River. High above the drone was a helicopter that I also captured.

Photo of the Coliseum Church on the hillside at Fort Hunter was taken next to the crop of soybeans at Schoharie Crossing. Following is info I excerpted from: :
The Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs is the site of the 17th Century Mohawk village of Ossernenon where three Jesuit missionaries were killed during the 1640s for their faith. . . . . . In 1931 more property was purchased and buildings and chapels constructed to accommodate the thousands of pilgrims. The enormous Coliseum church was completed in 1931 and seats 6500 people with standing room for an additional 3500.

On the 28th not too much was going on at the Flats, but I did get a nice picture of a Gull foraging. From there we drove over to Peebles Island where it too was rather quiet. On the way out, taking the perimeter trail back to the parking lot, I saw a small flock of what looked like very small birds landing on the river. I quickly set the tri-pod up and located them at quite a distance. Turned out they were the Sanderlings I had been reading about accompanied by a couple Kildeer. The next day we drove to the Flats again. This day, there was a Great Egret preocupied with preening and keeping an eye out for fish. I took a few shots of the egret and we headed for home. Too hot and humid for further walking.

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