Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of July 2023 with links to photos.

1 July 2023
Air Quality - unhealthy. "Missed the Mink Tale" - I caught a glimpse through the window of what I thought was our outdoor kitty scurring by. When I noticed it didn't have his markings, I thought it was a stray cat. Then, getting a better look, I realized it was a mink. What a beautiful coat he was wearing! Since I was more interested in chasing it away from our house, I missed grabbing my camera for a shot.

2 July 2023
Air Quality - unhealthy again. However, we have a temperature of 66 degrees this morning along with a rain which is helping to clean the air somewhat. Just before the rain started and while we were eating breakfast, through the kitchen window I saw our beautiful deer again. He strolled across the south lawn, over to the old house where he tried to stare us into revealing our presense. Then, as the other day, he vanished into the brush.
Photo 1 - White-tailed Deer . . . Photo 2 - Gone!

3 July 2023
Air Quality - somewhat better today, although increasing humidity. Went outside for a few minutes and captured this shot of female bluebird with her fledgling. How perfectly this fledgling blends with the tree branch and berries!
Photo 1 - Female bluebird with fledgling

4 July 2023
High heat and humidity today. A quick stroll outside revealed in the weeds in front of our old pile of logs, amid purple nightshade and this scattered tiny white-blossomed weed, some striking deptford pinks reaching out atop their 24 inch tall stems. Below is a single one that I zeroed in on before escaping back into the air-conditioned house!
Photo 1 - Deptford Pink

9 July 2023
Rising up out of the old Erie Canal near Yankee Hill Lock #28 is this strikingly beautiful orange berried shrub/tree. Photo 1 - Orange-berried shrub

11 July 2023
Since we were running to Saratoga to get water at tne State Seal Spring, we decided to go on over to the Bog Meadow Brook trail again for a walk. Left home at 65 degrees and it rapidly climbed to over 80 with high humidity. Went in from the north side and found Herb-Robert, multiple Deptford Pinks and both yellow and orange Canada Lilies. The yellow one was partially hidden in the brush so didn't succeed in getting a picture of that one.
Photo 1 - HerbRobert
Photo 2 - Deptford Pink
Photo 3 - Deptford Pink
Photo 4 - Canada Lily

12 July 2023
Another hot and humid day. Stepped outside for a minute or two and shot this wood sorrel which is so prevalent around our lawn. Photo 1 - Wood Sorrel

15 July 2023
Wanting to get out on the trail before it got too hot and humid we left early for the Cohoes Flats and Peebles Island. Things were very quiet at the dam, a cormorant and a couple herons far out in the waters. While sitting there eating lunch I shot the surrounding weeds, one of which is shown below, the knapweed. At Peebles Island no wildlife to speak of. I saw this tree clinging above the Mohawk for dear life. My snaps of the 'Butter-and-eggs' I threw away at home because of poor lighting. I'm afraid another oportunity 'got away' that would have been my best shot - not sure what it was - it landed on the side of a tree flexing its wings - had colors of black, white and red on it. A huge dragonfly?
Photo 1 - Knapweed . . . Photo 2 - Leaning over the Mohawk River

20 July 2023
Clear blue sky with some white puffy clouds. The low humidty a welcome relief from our recent days. We walked the pathway along the Geyser Island Spouter at the Saratoga Spa State Park early this morning. Water was pooled and running in several spots so we ended up with wet feet. On down the trail we saw this tiny green spider sitting in his web which was attached near the roots of a tree. It was probably around 1/4-1/2 of an inch long. The closest to it that I could see in my National Audubon Society Field Guide published in 1980 is the Green Lyssomanes. Their range at that time was listed as North Carolina to Florida and west to Texas.
Photo 1 - Orange and yellow tufa formation . . . Photo 2 - Tiny green spider in web

22 July 2023
The day started off cool but rapidly gained heat by the time we hit the trail. We were at Peebles Island again going back to the patch of 'Butter and Eggs' to try for a better shot than I had taken the other day. This morning, things went astray from the start. Tri-pod had been left behind at the car. Tar went back down to retrieve it while I waited in a swarm of mosquitoes. We also had forgotten to spray before starting out. When all was said and done, the direct sun on the wildflowers just didn't provide optimum shooting conditions, so camera was put away. After eating lunch back near start of trail, we walked the bird trail and perimeter back to the car. Such a peaceful place - enjoyed fellow walkers with and without dogs, and the shady areas along the river as seen in photos below.

Photo 1 - Heavenly trail at Peebles Island
Photo 2 - Trail walk high above the Mohawk
Photo 3 - Hugging the trail
Photo 4 - Don't get too close to the edge!

30 July 2023
Vischer Ferry walk today. Always love shooting this friendly tree in all its seasonal glory.
Photo 1 - Tree