Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of June 2023 with links to photos.

1 June 2023
Very Warm - First time this summer that Merlin picked up the Tennessee Warbler and the Mockingbird. Not sure if these were valid identifications as I did not see the birds.

2-8 June 2023
Lawn work first part of week, then for the past few days protecting ourselves from the unhealthy air as a result of the Canadian wildfires. As I write, we are having a little rain for the first time in several weeks, 8th of June.

9 June 2023
Hurrah! Some real rain this afternoon which sent our in-door house cats scurrying for cover (and our roof wasn't even leaking!) Then a loud clap of thunder kept them there. Earlier today I espied two baby woodchucks on our lawn to the south. Was able to set up camera in time to photograph one of them. He is really quite cute. The Red-eyed Viero was the most recorded bird today. Again, I was not able to get my eye on it. Pictured in photos 2,3,4 below are shot from our yard (one to the East, one to the North-west and one to the West. As you can see, it would be difficult to find birds in these trees, much less one with a red eye.
Photo 1 - Baby woodchuck
Photo 2 - View to the East
Photo 3 - View to the NWest
Photo 4 - View to West

10 June 2023
Our first trip to Peebles Island in many a month. We were trying out our new way of carrying heavy lens and camera in along with tri-pod and other related stuff. It worked out fine and we look forward to longer walks once again. We were lucky today on the bird loop trail to see a Pileated Woodpecker who flew from rotting log on the ground to a nearby tree.
Photo 1 - Pileated Woodpecker on rotting log
Photo 2 - Pileated Woodpecker in tree

11 June 2023
This morning, three baby woodchucks appeared on the north side of our house. I believe these are the off-spring of the unfortunate parent with the over-sized incisors. Below are two photos shot through my computer room window. This afternoon, I saw, as in photo 3, three babies, of how many I don't know, enjoying their lunch.
Photo 1 - Baby woodchuck
Photo 2 - Baby woodchuck
Photo 3 - Baby woodchucks (3)

12-13 June 2023
Walked both Monday and Tuesday at Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail outside of Saratoga, NY. Merlin recorded many birds which we have at home on Jockey Street, and a couple that we have not heard at home. The Indigo Bunting, the Veery, and the Philadelphis Vireo. The Red-winged blackbird was willing to pose as usual. A lone Viceroy was seen along the trail as well as a Snapping turtle. Unfortunately, when a Yellow Warbler sat on a small branch at edge of trail, I was too close with lens on camera to focus ... so missed a great opportunity!
Photo 1 - Red-winged Blackbird
Photo 2 - Viceroy
Photo 3 - Turtle

16 June 2023
Once again we visited the Bog Meadow Brook Nature Preserve. This time we went in from the north entrance. Lighting was strange due to the sky having that milky white look to it again, but otherwise the 65 degree temperaure made for some pleasant walking. Photos below show some of the beauty of this popular marsh area.
Photo 1 - Bog Meadow Brook Sign
Photo 2 - Trail at Bog Meadow Brook
Photo 3 - Along the trail at Bog Meadow Brook
Photo 4 - Definite sign of beaver work
Photo 5 - Geese in open water in marsh area
Photo 6 - More open water along the trail

18 June 2023
The GREEN of summer at the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve!
Photo 1 - Erie Canal Community and Connector Trail SIGN
Photo 2 - Algae covered Canal
Photo 3 - Entrance
Photo 4 - Toward Historic Lock 19
Photo 5 - Water Lily covered waters
Photo 6 - View to the west
Photo 7 - Poison Ivy along the trail
Photo 8 - Along the trail

23 June 2023
Hearing that this coming weekend would be a rainy one, we took a few minutes this afternoon to walk at Bog Meadow Brook outside of Saratoga. It turned out to be much warmer and humid than we had anticipated, so it was a short walk. A few dragonflies were about and some of nature's wildflowers, including the birdsfoot trefoil, presented here as a terrific bouquet along the pathway.
Photo 1 - Natural bouquet
Photo 2 - Dragon Fly

29 June 2023
Around 5:40am this morning, while doing some clean-up work in my computer room, this white-tailed deer appeared at edge of our lawn to the north. I shot a couple shots through the window, then opened the door and shot a couple more. He was so curious about me and stomped his feet and snorted. Wanting to make sure he would continue walking east and not back to the west and into the traffic on Jockey Street, I went out the front door which he evidently heard and turned back to the west disappearing in the brush. No cars were heard passing by so fortunately to my relief, he safely made it.
Photo 1 - White-tailed deer on our lawn
Photo 2 - White-tailed deer on our lawn
Photo 3 - White-tailed deer on our lawn
Photo 4 - White-tailed deer on our lawn

30 June 2023
Because of the poor air quality due to the Canadian wildfires, we once again are staying indoors while keeping an eye on what is going on outside. An Air Quality Alert is in effect through midnight reading "slightly unhealthyā€¯ for most of the day. However, a nice way to end this month of June happened when an Eastern Bluebird landed on a branch outside my window - this one I believe to be a female. And, recorded from our front deck by Merlin aside from our usual birds were three we hadn't heard before - the Marsh Wren, Broad-winged Hawk and the Chestnut-sided Warbler. I would certainly love to see the Hawk with his bold black and white tail bands!
Photo 1 - Bluebird
Photo 2 - Bluebird