Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronologically for month of September 2023 with links to photos.

1 September 2023
Today we stopped first at the Flats (Cohoes Commons) and watched 'Grumpy' on his Isle, saw a number of ring-billed gulls, then drove on over to Peebles Island where we had our picnic lunch. Weather was gorgeous with low humidity and lots of sunshine. Walking from our car to the picnic table, I admired once again the big old Sycamore tree. Every time I see it, I think what a picture it would make if a bird just happened to fly behind the overhanging branches which would frame it so well! After eating, we walked part of the bird loop where at the river were some ducks. Possibility 'Mottled Ducks' as of the fifteen or so that were there, none had the emerald head of the Mallard.
To view photos of the old Sycamore and two of the ducks go to Peebles Island Preserve

4 September 2023
In doing a bit of lawn work today, I happened to see this Katydid climbing up the window. It stayed there long enough for me to get camera out of the house. A very warm and humid day - expected to continue like this until end of week.
To view photos of the Katydid go to Category of Insects, Reptiles, etc.

10 September 2023
Another humid day with rain and thunderstorms predicted. We decided to take a chance anyway and went to the Flats at Cohoes. Ate our peanut butter sandwiches and apples while watching an eagle perched on the tower - missed a shot of him as he swooped down for a fish and flew off. Later on I saw him sitting on the dam and once again he eluded me. However I did capture an Osprey, a Blue Heron and a Cormorant who later surfaced quite close to where we stood. The plant that I originally called the Musk Mallow is the Hedge Bindweed (thanks to Jane for correcting me on that). Although the day remained very gray, no thunderstorms occured during our watch.
To view photos taken today go to Peebles Island - Cohoes Overlook - The Flats

19 September 2023
A beautiful day although a bit breezy with sun giving way to grayness now and then. Enjoyed a quiet time watching the cormrants and gulls. Waters were high and birds were quite productive with their fishing. The Blue Heron that I photographed as he flew in displayed a large eye with large lashes - at least it looked like that!
To view photos taken today, go to Peebles Island - Cohoes Overlook - The Flats

22 September 2023
After visiting some of the Springs in Saratoga (Geyser Island photo), we drove over to the Bog Meadow Brook Trail off Rt. 29 and Meadowbrook Rd. Saw the usual red-wing blackbirds and a blue heron. Otherwise, things were rather quiet. Weather beautiful with lots of sun and moderate warmth. I raised my camera above the choked in growth of the marsh to capture shot of the Curly Dock, also the Reeds welcoming the coming of Autumn in a few hours.
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