Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - Chronological order for month of February 2024 with links to photos.

2 February 2024
A drive over to Schoharie Crossing at Fort Hunter brought a nice surprise when we found the waters extremely low.
Along the way to the Mohawk

9 February 2024
A 50° day brought many people and pets to the trails at Saratoga Spa State Park this afternoon. Conditions were mixed with some snow, mud, water and ice. At the Orenda Spring we paused for a refreshing glass of iron-rich water. Taking the stairs down to complete the loop we followed path around to the foundation of the mineral formation created by the overflow of the Orenda Spring. One spot was a bit tricky with some ice, but with care, we made it through without incident. When reaching the Geyser Island Spouter base, we were treated to a magnificent display of colors. See 5 photos shot today.
Geyser Island Spouter
Geyser Island Tufa formation
Trail near Orenda Tufa
Ice on Orenda Mineral Deposits
Trail passing around Orenda Tufa

11 February 2024
We drove to Saratoga again today and stopped once more for a refreshing drink of water at the Orenda Spring. See photo shot today.
Orenda Spring Waters

13 February 2024
A nice sunny day today found us back at one of our favorite places, Schoharie Crossing at low water time. See photos shot today.
Schoharie Crossing Historic Site (5 photos)
As Water Recedes

18 February 2024
A very light covering of snow on the lawn revealed images of what occured during the night. Photos shot (5) at: Lawn Animal Life

25 February 2024
Water level read 2.3 at Blenheim upstream from Schoharie Crossing. Was able to capture several photos while walking this wide expanse of exposed creekbed.
Photos shot today (5) at: Schoharie Creekbed

26 February 2024
Something nice to look at from the muddy trail at Galway today:
Frenetic Rush to Spring