Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronological order for month of June 2024 with links to photos.

1 June 2024
Although we watched the most-likely parents of this bald eagle through the winter, I never got the opportunity to photograph them. Made up for it when this 2nd or 3rd year juvenile bald eagle decided to stay put in a tree-top on Jockey Street as we pulled over to the side of the road.

. . . Juvenile Bald Eagle

6 June 2024
We saw this juvenile eagle perched atop the tall tree up the road from us and quickly made our way with camera in hand. he/she was very cooperative and I was able to capture a couple great shots of it.

. . . Juvenile Bald Eagle (2 photos)

10 June 2024
Have been over-run with squirrels this year.

. . . Grey Squirrel
. . . Red Squirrel

16 June 2024

. . . We are starting to pull over for clouds this year.

17 June 2024

. . . Northern Mockingbird - what a surprise - my first ever photo of one.

22 June 2024

. . . Another photo of the Juvenile Bald Eagle on Jockey Street

24 June 2024
We stopped at Vischer Ferry to take a short walk and to have our picnic lunch. The first thing we saw when getting out of the car was this butterfly flitting around and who seemed mostly interested in landing on the gravel parking lot. When reaching home, I learned from the Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies that it was a red admiral butterfly.

. . . Red Admiral

29 June 2024
My son invited me to a tour of the old Homestead Sanitarian in Saratoga County, NY. The history of the place was incredibly interesting and I found it a delight to photograph.

. . . The Homestead