Nature Photos by Joyce Riedinger

ARCHIVED COMMENTS - chronological order for month of March 2024 with links to photos.

4 March 2024
With a couple trails blocked with fallen trees from the high winds a few days ago, we took the path less cluttered and were pleased to see this interesting scene at the Galway Nature Preserve today:
Pond View

8 March 2024
Our first time walking at Bog Meadow Brook this year. Very pleasant with Spring about to break.
Photo of Bog Area.

13 March 2024
A nice warm day today - reached 60 degrees at Vischer Ferrry. After walking the trails, we drove over to Cohoes and found the Falls with a torrent of cascading waters. In 1866 discovery was made of the Cohoes Mastodon near the Falls. The mastodon's remains were found deeply buried in a large pothole, which had been worn into the bedrock at the end of the last Ice Age. No photos of the Falls or the Mastodon today, but there are three of the black shale and dark gray sandstone of the Normanskill formation at the banks of the Mohawk River.
Awaiting Spring at Vischer Ferry ... AND ... Shale at the Cohoes Falls Overlook

23 March 2024
Awoke to around 10 inches of heavy snow on the ground. The usual small birds were around including this cardinal who was cleaning up the last of the cranapples still clinging to the tree.
Cardinal with last of the cranapples

25 March 2024
The snowstorm of 23-24 ended up dropping around 16 inches total in our area and much more at Saratoga Springs. Our plans on this 8 degree morning were to visit the Orenda Spring to capture snow shots. This plan bit the dust when we found no plowing had been done and the Park closed. Going back home, we went over to the Galway Preserve and discovered that hiking through the heavy snow was quite tiring. Spent fifty minutes breaking trail and were happy when we got back out.
Late Afternoon at Galway Preserve